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Writer Unboxed

David is a regular contributor to Writer Unboxed, named by Writer's Digest for ten years running as one of the ten best blogs for writers. He's joined there by such distinguished writers, editors, teachers, and agents as Jane Friedman, Donald Maass, Lisa Cron, James Scott Bell, Barbara O'Neal, Dave King, Heather Webb, Ray Rhamey, and many more.
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Mysteristas published an online interview with David, where he discussed the new book, the writing life, and the women who inspired Lisa Balamaro, the protagonist in The Long-Lost Love Letters Of Doc Holliday.

Writer's Digest published this online extra in conjunction with David's article, "No More Mr. Nice Guys," about redeeming so-called unlikable characters, which appears in its September 2018 issue. He discusses the moral argument known as Pathos, and one particularly repellent character who nonetheless is fascinating—Frank Freidmaier from Georges Simenon's classic 1946 novel, Dirty Snow.


David's latest novel, The Long-Lost Letters of Doc Holliday, hit bookshelves nationwide. For more, go here.


David Corbett
David in good company at Craftfest Luncheon, Thrillerfest, July 11, 2018, Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York
Left to Right: Meg Gardiner, David Morrell, Gabriela Pereira, me, person unknown, and Steven James


Read an excerpt from David's latest novel, The Long-Lost Love Letters Of Doc Holliday published in Narrative Magazine. (The excerpt is the opening letter from Doc to his cousin Mattie, written shortly after the Gunfight at the OK Corral.)


Read David's writing tips as delivered to Damyanti Biswas on her blog, Damyanti Writes

Stay posted: David will be doing a number of guest blog appearances in connection with the release of his latest novel, The Long-Lost Love Letters Of Doc Holliday.