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David Corbett Watch David read from Do They Know I'm Running? at San Francisco's Babylon Salon. (They made him follow a magician.)

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David Corbett and Hamley at Book Passage
David getting ready for his reading at Book Passage with superfan and trusty sidekick Hamley, the Irish Wolfdoodle (aka Wheaton terrier).

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Thursday, February 25 through Sunday, March 28
Hyatt Regency
Phoenix, AZ
David will be on two panels at this annual celebration of the western crime genre:
Mystery or Thriller—What's the Difference?
Friday, February 26, 3:00-4:00pm
Room: Ellis East
David will serve as moderator, with panelists Brett Battles. Tim Hallinan, Ray Daniel, Jeff Markowitz, Nancy Cole Silverman.
Sex, Sex, Sex: Discuss—How much sex in mysteries is too much?
Saturday, February 27, 3:00-4:00pm
Phoenix Ballroom
David will join moderator Jess Lourey and fellow panelists L.J. Sellers, Charles Todd, and Simon Wood.

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David Corbett
Photo by Don North


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